Linq Labs performs a wide range of routine as well as customized assays, involving cellular as well as non-cellular utilization. Some of these are given below. In case the assay of your choice is not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us

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  • Cellular Assays: Includes cell viability assays using dyes ranging from simple exclusion dyes to advanced fluorophores and luminophores.

  • Proliferation Assays: MTT, CAA, CFU and similar assays.

  • ROS Studies: Cellular free radical detection assays including ROS, Peroxy-nitrite, SuperOxide etc

  • Enzyme Assays: We perform enzyme assays on a wide range of cellular and mini-organelle as well as 3D nano-bio-structures including ROS scavenging Enzymes, Enzymes governing the inflammatory and regulatory pathways etc. We conduct these assays not only on in vitro samples, but also using plasma samples.

  • Protein Studies: Linq Labs can perform protein detection, identification, quantitation, localization, purification etc. using standard technologies

  • Genomic Studies: Genome related assays like RT-PCR, qR-PCR etc are performed at Linq labs, for multiple therapeutic purposes

  • Customized Studies: Linq Labs also has the ability to perform customized end to end studies in various fields of Biomedical Applications including Cancer, Diabetes among others.

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