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Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Linq Labs has the ability to perform detailed in vitro studies with a wide variety of cell lines, primary as well as secondary cultures, including mini organelles, as well as creation of 3D cultures for diagnostic as well as non-bio-device purposes

  • Linq Labs provides a comprehensive range of antimicrobial efficacy testing for a range of products such as cosmetics and healthcare products

  • We provide end to end testing services which include protocol development, IRB/ Ethics committee clearance (if applicable, study conduct which may include recruitment of subjects, data collection and analysis and report generation. Linq Labs has a database of several thousand active healthy volunteers

  • Testing is done on wide range of microorganisms which include all kinds of aerobic and anerobic organisms

  • Linq Labs has successfully completed 100+ studies in antimicrobial hand wash for a US sponsor

Our testing services includes the following but not limited to: 

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